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Jersey Shore Family Photography

During a cloudy yet still beautiful day I got to capture this family’s portrait session in Ventnor City, South Jersey on Saturday, July 30th. Having photographed the two children’s portraits previously during the Christmas session, I knew this family was going to be a breeze to photograph. It always warms my heart so much when I have returning clients. It is the biggest complement and makes me that much more excited to take their pictures.

Jersey Shore Family Photography

The Jersey Shore is one of the most popular places in NJ to take photos at during the summer and obviously you can see why as the scenery created a magical background. From a photographer’s perspective it can be a bit tricky however. The sparkling water and golden sand are nature’s reflectors and bounce light right into the camera. Though this may sound like a great thing and usually light is, too much light can cause problems for your camera by over exposing the scene and blowing out the highlights.

Heneghan Ventnor Beach NJSouth Jersey CousinsFamily Photographer in New JerseyFamily Photographer in New Jersey

Due to these circumstances, I only photograph beach sessions during the golden hours. There are two golden hours a day, the first is the hour after sunrise and the second is the hour before sunset. The quality of my photography is extremely important to me and I only want to make sure you get the best photos possible.Jersey Shore Family Photography

Many times clients are concerned that their young children will be cranky during the photoshoot. Being a parent myself, I completely understand this concern. I have found in most cases though that if the little ones are outside having fun and playing in sand that they forget they are tired and end up having a great time! As you can see from these little ones they did not notice the hour one bit and just kept looking to get their hands dirty.

Jersey Shore Family PhotographyChild Photographer in South Jersey

Also on a side note, as we are approaching the last golden rays of summer, I can’t wait for all the awesome fall photo opportunities that arise. This year I will be bringing back South Jersey apple orchard sessions during late September and early October. These are perfect for family photos or just to get a few updated photos of your child. Contact me to book your spot! Make sure you enjoy the last few days of summer as we all know we’ll be missing them during winter!!!


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