South Jersey Mommy and Me Photography| Brandi’s Session

Kirby's Mill Medford

This holiday season began with my photo shoot with the winners of my “Season of Giveaway” was one of my favorites of the year! It was an absolute pleasure meeting South Jersey Mom, Brandi and her spunky daughter Gabby. The bond between the two is completely evident in every single photo! They also couldn’t have been any nicer of people. I am so happy they were selected. I have so much respect for single parents as raising a child is hard enough with two parents that so much credit goes to someone who raises an amazing kid on their own. I can’t wait to do this again next year and bring some joy to others, I may even have to do it twice a year!

We lucked out picking a day that was a little chilly, but did not yet have that bite of winter in the air. This was my second time shooting at Kirby’s Mill in Medford, NJ and I may have enjoyed it even more than I did the first time. The bright red building really gives each photo a fun and upbeat characteristic that went so well with this family’s personality. They also have this great path in the back that I love to shoot down and I always make the kids run down this path, really helps break down the session and let the kids have a bit of fun and a way to show off their individual personalities.  Seriously, look at that little girl run! I asked her to skip down the path like a princess and instead she ran like a little Olympic hurler. If this doesn’t show who she is as a person, I would  be shocked. You can tell she likes to take charge and be herself. What an awesome kid! Thank you Brandi for allowing me to capture your family this fall, I can’t wait to hopefully see you two again in the spring for maybe a sunflower session 😉


Next year around Mother’s Day, I would really like to have some Mother’s Day mini sessions. Working with Gabby and Brandi really made me see how special of a bond a mother and child bond can really be! It’ll also hopefully be warmer outside as I am dying to get outside and photograph. Its only the beginning of January, but already I’m itching for that warmer spring weather.


Owner and Photographer at Salwach Photography