Hellene’s Junior Prom, A South Jersey Senior Photographer

Hellene’s Junior Prom, A South Jersey Senior Photographer

Last weekend was a crazy, but good crazy kind of weekend! On Friday, I took this gorgeous teenager’s junior prom photos. On Saturday, I had two sessions including Melina’s baptism and then a 80th birthday party. Sunday, was amazing meeting up with my May bride and meeting her fiance for the first time at a local Starbucks.

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This amazing young lady who attends Timber Creek Regional High School in Gloucester Township in Sickerville, NJ. Hellene is a member of the Nation Honor Society, a free style swimmer with the swim team and while keeping all her school work straight also works part-time. In her free time she enjoys playing soccer, hanging out with her family and swimming in their outdoor pool. Hellene already has high goals in life and is looking at becoming a surgeon.

DSC_5698 DSC_5729DSC_5733 DSC_5744 DSC_5732DSC_5770

I have known Hellene now for about a year and I can honestly say I am so glad to know her. She always steps up to a leadership role and is the first to make things happen. Not only that, but she has an amazing heart. Hellene is a fashionista and loves bright colors with lots of bling.

I love working with teenagers as they have such creative ideas and they aren’t stiff in front of the camera. They know the camera loves them and gives the camera love right back! A big part of her life includes her Dominican heritage, which I can’t wait to find ways to incorporate into her senior session which we’ve scheduled for this Summer.

DSC_5788 DSC_5798

As you can see, she has many close friends as her vibrant personality seems to just attract others. How cute is the way Hellene’s prom date, Terrin asked her to prom?!?! I can’t get over how cute these prom-posals are! Terrin dressed up like a bunny and visited her house with this super cute sign that says, “I want to go to Prom with SomeBunny like you!”

DSC_5809 DSC_5812 DSC_5816  DSC_5821 DSC_5842DSC_5833

Below is one of Hellene’s best friends, Marissa. Doesn’t she just look like a movie star?!?! These girls I swear are just gorgeous!

DSC_5848 DSC_5851 DSC_5856 DSC_5869


Going through these images was extremely hard, as you can see, and I wanted to keep them all to post! I avoided that, of course, but it was a close call to having a million pictures on here!

Juniors now is the time to schedule your Senior session! If you are looking for a senior photographer in South Jersey, make sure to contact me! Spring and Fall are the most popular times for Senior photography and slots fill up very quickly.


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