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Smash Cake FAQ

What should I expect during my session?
  • This is going to be an amazing experience and smash cakes are one of my favorite sessions! For reasonable expectations though, don’t be upset or shocked if your one year old does not agree. There is a lot going on for the little one and they may not be nearly as enthusiastic as we are. First off, we are asking for them to stick their hands in their cake and make a complete mess. On a daily basis, most likely we try to keep them as clean as possible and not throw their food. They may be a little confused at first, but we have some great tricks to get this going. We may help the child along by smearing some icing on their mouth or sticking their hand in the cake. They still may not be into it, but as the saying goes, its their birthday they can cry if they want to and you will have these awesome bribery photos for when they are older! 
  • During a normal session there are 3 different parts. The first is your child all beautiful in their birthday clothes. The second part is the smash! The final part is the clean up and bath tub. If you are not interested in the last we can of course time our session a little differently and use more time towards the first two parts of the session.
  • Clean up is always fun during the smash cake sessions. Sometimes parents are encouraged to get in with their child to get the process started. I suggest for parents to wear clothing they do not mind getting some icing on and also to bring a change of clothing in case. Also, bring plenty of towels and wipes!
Let’s talk cake! Do you provide the cake for the smash, how big should the cake be and etc?
  • No, due to allergies, I always have the parents bring the cake. I will be more than happy to refer you to local bakeries in the area that provide excellent cakes. If your child has not had cake previously, I always suggest to do a trial run to test for allergies before your session.
  • Normally, I suggest either a 4 inch or 6 inch cake. Though we may make a complete mess, usually the child doesn’t actually eat a lot of the cake so these sizes are perfect for the smash.
  • Bright icing colors are great for smashes! I suggest staying away from browns and red icing as they do not look amazing smashed (think horrifying thoughts)
What should I bring for the session?
  • Parents should bring the outfit(s) (up to 2 outfit changes are allowed), balloons if desired, towels for messes, possibly wipes and of course the little birthday girl/boy.

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