A Newborn Photographer Before and After in South Jersey

I am a firm believer that parents can take beautiful pictures of their children at home right with their own camera or IPhone, which is why I like to post tips on how to improve your photography. I want everyone to have beautiful pictures of their children growing up. There are truly times though that I believe that you need a photographer such as a newborn photographer. So to illustrate I want to show a before and after image and how I got there. The first on the left is the straight out of camera and the final edit is the one on the left of sweet baby Mia.


Before I get into why I made the changes I did on the editing part, let me go over a bit about getting to this pose. Mia like many newborns was not having this whole photo shoot at all! It took me about 3 and half hours to get this photo and was the last one I took before we wrapped up. She finally slept around the last hour of her photo shoot so I had to hurry through the last hour so that we wouldn’t miss this golden opportunity.

For many parents right after birth, you are tired, stressed, may of had recent surgery from your c-section and your baby may have their days and nights confused so you are up all night tending to your little one. Probably around this time, you just don’t have the patience or brain power to think clearly or want to pose a newborn. Newborns are best photographed within the first 10 days as they are still very sleepy and like to curl up into these adorable poses. They also probably don’t have a lot of baby acme or other skin issues yet. Besides look at all these adorable props that go into a newborn photo shoot. Not only are you paying for a photographer to take the photos, you are also getting to use all their props and having the photographer professionally edit your portraits.

As I said the first 10 days of life, these moments pass by so quickly and you don’t want to forget them. I suggest scheduling with a South Jersey newborn photographer a few months ahead of your due date. Newborn photographers book out sometimes several months ahead.

Now on to the actual editing part. Is the left image pretty? Yes, but is it all it can be? Nope!

When I first look at the SOOC image, my eye immediately goes to that spot on the floor that is very highlighted. EEEEKKKK lets change that, the baby of course should be the main focus here! So I got rid of that bright spot by cloning other parts of the floor and overall made the floor darker to enhance the overall appearance and make that pink wrap pop and make the baby the center of focus. Many of my images can take up to 30 minutes to edit since they are all hand edited with love and I do not use any presets.

One of the other edits that really stands out is the added on headband. Though she looked beautiful without the headband, I wanted to make it a bit more feminine and bring a little more girl power into the image. Unfortunately, this is not as easy as copying and pasting a headband. I had to look for another shot where she was wearing the headband and where the light was coming from the right direction. It would not have made any sense if on the headband the light was coming from the right side. Then actually editing it onto her head takes a bit of time as you don’t want it to look fake at all.

Other big edit that you can see if the foot position. In the before image, you can see a grayed out part. You could see a bit of Mia’s lady parts and well lets leave those parts for her parent’s eyes only! So I had make the foot more bent and made her other leg closer so that you no longer see anything inappropriate. Most likely you will want to share these adorable photos with your friends and family on Facebook or have them hang in your house so lets keep things classy!

There are also some other basic edits such as getting rid of a bit of baby acme and overall smoothness of the newborn skin. She also had a tinge of redness that I adjusted just a bit by adding a little yellow, added a bit of sharpness, and enhanced those gorgeous lashes. So the moral of the story is don’t pass up the opportunity to get a professional to take pictures of your children every once in a while. I have had many people work with me that haven’t had family photos taken in years and then after they work with me and see their final product, they book me at least twice a year. If you find the right South Jersey photographer then you will find out that the money was well worth the investment and you will cherish those pictures forever.


Owner and Photographer