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Head shots always tell a story and you want to make sure it is the type of story you want to be told. Do you want to be bold? Do you want to look friendly and approachable? Do you want to look like a BOSS? Make your picture look the way you think is the type of person recruiters would be looking for in that field. Being a teacher and having a no smile, arms crossed type of picture just doesn’t add up.

Are you looking for a new job or feel like you get overlooked for certain positions? Often times an employers first impression of you isn’t in person, but through your LinkedIn profile picture. This is a digital age where meeting you is definitely the last step in your hiring process. Invest in your future by purchasing a professional head shot to give yourself an edge in this highly competitive market. A profile that has a picture is much more likely to be looked at and given an opportunity over a faceless profile.

Another great tip, outside of photography that I can give since I previously worked in human resources at a Philly Staffing company,  is to make sure your entire profile is filled out. Just like anything including a job application the more complete data a potential employer has of you the more organized you seem and the better they can see if you have all the qualification that they are looking for. Don’t miss the referral part either just because it may be uncomfortable to ask someone to write something nice about you. Just like with any review, people feel more secure in their decisions when they see someone back up their initial beliefs and ideas.

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Dating online is another place where hiring a professional could be an awesome idea. Dating profiles portraits sessions includes many of the ideas above, it is the first opportunity someone who may be right for you is going to give you a once over. In this article on EHarmony, they report that profiles with pictures are 9 times more likely to receive communication. I know I’m not shocked, if anything I would have through the number be higher.

Another thing they highly recommend are pictures that show more than just your face, three quarter shots are great for this. Showing more of your body can show potential matches that you have nothing to hide and gives them an idea of your overall glimpse of your figure. People with pictures like that are more likely to receive messages.

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Remember, head shots don’t always need to be done inside, but can be taken outside at a location of your choosing. These photos may give you the chance to show your interest and give character to your profiles. Spring and fall are the two best times to book your session, as its gorgeous outside! Give me a call to schedule your South Jersey head shot session- 856-889-7926.


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