Newborn Love Letter to South Jersey Moms

Fresh 48 newborn photosMy love letter to other mothers,

So finally you’re little princess or prince is about to arrive and this has been the moment you have been waiting for, finally this pregnancy is coming to a close and there will be less heartburn, less having to go to the bathroom every five minutes and more room in your lungs.

Im going to be honest, this is exactly how I felt. Being 5 foot nothing, there was just not enough room for my baby to grow anymore! I wanted him out and out right now!  I wanted so badly to have my body feel better that I totally forgot about the sleepless nights of a hungry newborn, the after effects of giving birth, and now the extra juggling and responsibility of having a second child. There is nothing wrong with feeling any of these feelings and just needing a little nap!

My older little girl is turning 4 in a few days and is pretty self sufficient that I also forgot how much work goes into a newborn. It’s so great to just ask her what’s bothering her or what she wants and not having to do a guessing game to calm her down.

Even though these days and nights seem to go on forever I would never trade them. He is beyond adorable, my perfect prince and my best advice even though I’m sure it’s been told countless times is to just remember that this will not last forever. Around 4 months, you will start getting some decent sleep and nursing won’t be as often. My other advice is to always remember to ask for help. Who doesn’t want to come over for an hour or two to hold your precious newborn while you either take a nap or spend some much needed quality time with your firstborn.

I love sharing tips to make anything easier on my fellow moms as we all need a helping hand from time to time. Now onto an amazing product, CleanSmart Toy Disinfectant Spray that my husband and I discovered at Toys r Us right before Blake decided to make is entrance. (Please note I am not endorsed for this product at all but am only sharing as one mommy to another.) This disinfectant spray makes it extremely easy to clean areas where your baby plays or toys. Simply spray and let dry. It’s baby friendly if baby decides to eat anything which they totally will do then it’s completely safe.

And finally, when you’re having a bad day take some time out and just take a look at your favorite picture of your newborn and smile because these moments only last so long. So here are some of my son’s portraits from his fresh 48 that I took in the hospital Fresh 48 newborn photos South Jersey Hospital portraits.

 Love from your South Jersey fellow mom,