Mia’s Newborn Photo shoot, A South Jersey Newborn Photographer

Sweet baby Mia was born on March 24th and is such a little peanut weighing under 7 lbs. She was just 6 days old when I got to took these South Jersey newborn photos. Look how adorable her little tiny lips are! I love these little tiny details of newborns. Mia’s parents are now blessed with 3 beautiful little girls and feel that their family is now complete!

South Jersey Child Photographer

The best time to take newborn photos is usually within the first 10 days of life as the babies tend to sleep more and still like to curl up into those adorable newborn poses. Of course sometimes sessions can still take a few hours because we work around the baby’s schedule. Some babies sleep right through their newborn session without a problem and others needs many feedings and changings in between. Mia did make us work for it and finally fell asleep after 2 hours, but it was totally worth it. She is adorable! Taking newborn pictures is all about the patience and taking your time. You have patience and you will get some amazing photos.

South Jersey Children's PhotographerSouth Jersey Children's Photographer

Originally, I was supposed to take hospital pictures of Mia for a fresh 48 in South Jersey at Inspira Medical Center Vineland, NJ, but she had jaundice and was not able to be held for a period of time. It really shocked me because when I meet her, I was not able to tell at all from her skin tone. So when they asked me if we could change and take the more newborn stylized sessions, I agreed. I always do all I can to make sure my clients are happy and their needs are met.

South Jersey Newborn PhotographerNewborn detailed shoots

Do you remember that cutie pie Melina that I took her smash cake photos of back in February? Well that is Mia’s cousin and her parent’s are also Mia’s Godparents. Its such an honor to be referred to family and friends. There is no higher praise, referrals mean the world to me! Mia’s mom is already talking about family portraits during the summer so she can showcase her 3 beautiful daughters and we’ll also get to see Melina again at the end of April for her family’s Cherry Blossom photo shoot with her 3 older brothers!

South Jersey Family PhotographerSouth Jersey Family Photographer

I can’t even choose which photo I like better, black and white or color. The key to a great black and white photo is good contrast and lighting so it really excites me when I can’t even choose. Comment with which photo you like better, black and white or color!


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