Newborn Photographer in South Jersey| Blake| Sicklerville, NJ

We welcomed our little baby boy, Blake Carter into our household on April 19th. He was such a tiny thing at 7 pounds and 6 ounces and 20 inches long. He was a lot tinier than his older sister. We are so happy to have him as part of our family and feel complete.

Of course, being who I am, I had to take his newborn pictures myself because I knew exactly what I wanted to do so I could display his photos throughout our South Jersey home.   I am so happy with the outcome, they are exactly how I envisioned them! I have a home studio in Sicklerville, NJ where I take all my newborn photos, I can also travel to your home for an in-home session. 

While I was pregnant, I had my belly cast at Image is Everything Photography They were fantastic and we even had Brooke’s pictures taken while we were there. I’m so happy with the meanings behind this picture. I thought I was going to have Blake before Easter, but he was a complete stinker and we evicted him a week after. I just couldn’t resist buying him this super cute woolen bunny to have him hold for his newborn portraits since I still consider him an Easter baby. He just fits perfectly inside my belly cast.

Little Blake’s bedroom theme is twinkle twinkle little star and I couldn’t resist getting him this outfit that matches his bedroom to perfection! His nursery colors are grey, white and navy, perfect right? I can’t wait to hang both of these as canvas in his bedroom. It will be the perfect finishing touch to his newborn nursery. Those lips!! Just saying

Big sister Brooke is obsessed with her little baby brother. She asks throughout the day to hold him and calls him her little buddy. She loves to calm him down by shhhing him (she may have watched too many of mommys newborn posing videos) and bringing him all of his toys. This melts my and any mommy’s heart! We are also going to make this into a large canvas and hang it over our living room fireplace.  Obviously, I take great joy in displaying my images. Remember to display your images too, it’s great for kids self esteem.

Thank you everyone for being patient while I am spending time with my family. I will be back again at the end of May. Feel free to still send inquires at this time so we can book you for this spring or summer. Can’t wait to see you all for your NJ portrait session!